Monday, August 10, 2009

Joy Comes in the morning.

There is scripture that says joy comes in the morning. It is even part of our Walking by Faith bible study. I couldn't tell you right now where it is in the bible or even the entire scripture. But I know the last part of the verse is joy comes in the morning.

I have been left with all these emotions that I don't know what to do with. I really want to pull the covers over my head and hide for a few weeks. In hopes that all this stuff would just go away.

Today I missed my husbands call. I haven't had the opportunity to speak to him at all since he left. Which could be a huge part of my funk. I usually start to adjust more once I have had the chance to talk to him.

Parker seems to be settling in to his own again. He isn't as off the map as the last couple of days. We took a trip to the library. I am going to start reading to the boys at night after they are tucked in. We picked a couple of chapter books to read together. Right now we are reading The Monsters of Morley Manor. It is a cute book. My hope is it will help them settle down at night and then not fight with each other after I turn out the lights. Tonight it worked. WOOHOO. Not sure it will work every night but it did tonight. Plus I figure it's a good way for Ted to plug into the routine when he gets back. He can read to them and I can have 5 minutes of peace. Who are we kidding? My 5 minutes will be filled with to do's. But at least I won't have to yell up the stairs for the boys to settle down and go to sleep.

I can feel my can do spirit finding it's way back. I can do this single parent thing with the 4 kids. I can take care of the house and all the upkeep. I can run this ministry. I can eat healthy and work out. I can find me again.

Here's to all the military wives staying the course and carrying on without their service member. Here's to having our days of melt downs like a two year old but knowing our joy comes in the morning. Here's to finding the joy and our can do spirit.

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