Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where do I go?

Okay, so my husband is gone. It's still summer vacation. Although I feel like I haven't had much of a vacation. With moving and husband leaving we really haven't had much down time.

Last week the kids were at Operation Purple. I was so thankful to have the time with just my husband. We almost didn't know how to act. While we were at the B&B I had this feeling like I should go home for a trip. I quickly dismissed it when Parker starting having issues at camp. It wouldn't be fair to him to not seek the help that we might need for him. We have that pretty much taken care of. Then today I was in the shower and had the feeling to go home again. I talked myself out of it for numerous reasons. The kids start school in 10 days, we just bought a house, it's a long drive by myself, I have a couple of appointments to rearrange. The list goes on. Then as I was driving to the commissary I had the thought that if God wants me to go home he would provide the means for us to do so. Which I agree with.

Since starting this bible study, Walking by Faith, I am trying to listen more and speak less. But if I am meant to go home then I need to know that answer now. I'm not trying to be selfish of put time limits on God but with such a short time before school starts I need to know what to do.

So I sit here writing this, after I have yelled at the children for not putting dishes away properly, and still ponder the thought. What's a girl to do? Maybe I'm meant to go home for me and not for someone else in my family. So what do you think? What would you do?

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