Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today I feel free and frustrated

Well, who would have thought that this house buying process would get any more chaotic? I sure didn't.

I really wanted to be closed by the end of June so we could move out before the 1st of July and not have to pay rent. The end of June came and went and we still don't have a closing date. The more time that goes buy the more I am convinced we will be living in the Motel 6 for a few weeks.

Today I had to write our last rent check. That is a very freeing feeling. I felt like I was fighting an up hill battle to try and get closed and moved before the end of June. Then today after I wrote the rent check I felt free. We have 13 more days until we have to be out of this house. Doesn't matter where we go from here, we just have to be out of here in 13 days. I'm hoping that we will be closed on our house by this time next week. Only God knows if that will happen. We are truly only 30 days from our accepted offer.(tomorrow will be 30 days) July 8th will be 30 days that the bank has had all of our paperwork.

When I called the rental agency today I found out that we had no choice but to pay for the rent through July 14. I misunderstood her when she called to tell us we had to get out. It is a POSSIBILITY that they will prorate the rent and refund any portion we don't end up using. But she couldn't guarantee that because it's up to the owners. Maybe God was trying to plan this part all along and I just wasn't listening. I bet He knew that we had to pay those 14 days of rent. I bet it works out in His plan that we are here a few more days.

I do have faith that God has bigger and better plans for us than I do. I also have faith that God is way more capable of navigating this ship than I am. He has always taken care of us. He has always given us a place to live and met our needs.

I am frustrated that this process is overwhelming and chaotic. I am frustrated that things can't move faster. I'm frustrated that I am the middle man between my husband and the realtor and the messaging service for the mortgage broker. Right or wrong I told my husband that he needs to coordinate phone calls and things. I can't keep being the middle person. I get frustrated because I have no idea what is going on and then we get frustrated with each other because we talked to different people and don't know what's going on. I will admit that I am frustrated with my husband. I think he knows that. I feel like he isn't putting enough pressure on the mortgage broker. But my husband is a very laid back person. He is a very "it happens when it happens" type person. I am a very "let's get it done yesterday" person. So in situations like these it tends to add friction to our relationship.

I do know that the underwriters have asked for an amendment to our contract because the wrong zip code was on the contract and they have asked for our proof of insurance today. I'm hoping that since they have asked for the insurance paperwork we are getting to the final steps. Since I have no idea what the underwriting process is, I have no idea if we are close or not. I do know they have also looked at our credit and our income.

But today I am at peace about it. I wanted it to happen yesterday. Even two weeks ago. But I am reminded on a daily basis that I am on God's timing not my own. God's timing is perfect. God will put us in the house when we were meant to be. I just pray that it's more than 24 hours before we have to be out of this house!

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