Thursday, July 2, 2009

The frustration continues

I hear stories from my dad about a time when you took pride in your job. No matter what type of job you had you took pride in doing the work to the best of your ability. You were proud that you had a job to call your own. You were proud that you had a way to support your family.

At what point in our society did that change? At what point did we become a society where nothing is ever anyone's fault? No one messed up or at least wants to fess up to the mess up.

I become completely frustrated with companies and their customer service. It all starts with the automated voice attendant. Is it really to much to ask to NOT be stuck in voicemail hell before getting to live person. Some companies got smart to those of us that found a way around the system. You can no longer press "0" to be transfered right away. Instead you get "I'm sorry that's an invalid selection, please try again" UGHH.

Then I always seem to be the first call of the customer service agents career. I almost feel sorry for them. After dealing with my angry self they will probably quit. I think companies that employ customer service agents should have to make up a book with every possible question a customer can have and an answer to those questions. If they every aren't sure of a question a customer will ask, just call me. I have plenty of questions. Then they will at least have a guide to flip through while I am yelling at them.

Then there is the process of completely harassing someone and yelling at them just to get them to do their job. It seems to me that unless I become crazy woman they don't take me seriously. It's only after I turn into a bad PMDD comercial that someone says let me see what I can do.

Why is that? At what point did we become a society that could careless about your fellow neighbor and could give a rip about your job? At what point did we allow people who are polite and considerate of the people working for said company at the bottom of the list? At what point do I have to turn into PMDD lady for someone to get on the phone and help the process? I wish there would be a button to push for that. If you feel like you are going to turn into PMDD lady during this call please push 4 and an agent will be right with you.

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