Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If not you, then who?

This past week we chatted with Carole, founder of Widows Wear Stilettos. We talked about what happens when we get stuck in the "why me" phase of life. You can listen to the whole show here

One of the things that Carole said is "If not you, then who?" That is a statement that has stuck with me. I have thought about it in everything I have done the last couple days.

If not you to run the teenage pregnancy center, then who? If not you to help the homeless, then who? If not you to battle cancer, then who? The list is endless. We are meant to have abundant life. God longs to have a relationship with us. Our thought of abundant life could be a different version than what God has.

I long to follow what God has planned for me. I want to always do the right thing and say the right thing. If God laughs He laughs at me often. I like to call my AHA moments HELLO Honey moments. Just like a friend tapping you on the shoulder saying hello honey did you just see what you did?

Truth is as I write this I starting thinking I have an abundant life. I have to much life to fit into one day. Just take a look at my to do list. There is never a list I have that is complete at the end of the day. It's always transferred to the next day. It makes me realize that I have an abundant life. If I truly have to much to do in one day I have more than enough. If I have enough for today then I am wealthy.

I am going to try and remember, if not me then who? I am going to try and apply it to daily living. Now I won't take it as far as saying "If I don't do the laundry, then who will?" We all know the answer to those questions. When we were painting I wished I could have been like I dream of Jeannie and nod my head and it was done. I wish I could do laundry the same way. But until God grants me that wish it is I who does the laundry.(mostly)It is I who pays the bills and runs the kids. But when it comes to things like a new ministry or volunteer at school or help a friend in need, instead of just saying yes or no to quickly I am going to stop and think "If not you, then who?"

I challenge you to try it for a week and see what happens. Let's write about it together.

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