Sunday, August 2, 2009


Round the corner and through the woods, turn at the light and down a dirt road. The kids are officially at Operation Purple Camp. All four children are there for the next 6 days.

Last year at this time my husband was deployed. The kids were at OPC and I was home alone. I caught up on sleep and worked. Since I have the ability to schedule my own hours I worked a lot while they were gone.

This year my husband is home. I am so excited to have him here and have no children. Since we are a blended family we have never been married without kids. We have always had children.

Today we finished packing the kids and got them all signed into camp. We came home and I cooked dinner for us. It was a strange situation to cook for just the two of us. I almost didn't know how to do that. When you are used to cooking for 6 it's a big adjustment. And not just a small family of six. My children are healthy eaters. They can put away some food. You couldn't tell it by looking at any of them but I think we should have them enter an eating contest because I am sure that they could win it.

On Wednesday my husband and I will head out of town for a couple of days. My dad and step mom gave us a gift cetificate for a local B&B. We are going to hang out and do nothing. Just enjoy being together and not having to hear the words MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM or DDAAAAAAAADDDD being screamed at the top of any childs lungs.

I do hope the kids have a good time. I'm not missing them just yet. I am just hoping that the rain holds off and they are able to make some friends and enjoy their week. I guess we will hear all about it when they come home on Saturday morning.

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