Monday, June 1, 2009

Surprise Me God 14

Today. What can I say about today? I'm not sure that I will ever understand how powerful and miraculous God truly is.

Do you ever sit back and see how God has been at work during your current journey? That is where I am. Not long ago my husband I were going back and forth about buying a house and not buying a house. Renting for a year or finally buying a house. What do we do? What will work best for us? We finally decided to rent for another year.

In the subdivision where we live there is a semi-annual community wide yard sale. It is one that lots of people look forward to. I decided a couple days before that we would participate in the sale and get rid of the loft bed and the dressers that work well for smaller children's cloths. Then at the last minute we decided it was to much work and we would wait to sell that stuff until Ted had time to build the boys beds and dressers.

Off and on I would look at houses for sale or rent. I have often said that we need to move. We have been in this house to long, we need to move. Knowing that we would have to move eventually because this house is only a rental. Then we decided to stay here for one more year. I still had the desire to move.

God finally hit me on the head and said "HELLO HONEY! It's me God. The one in control. You are supposed to move. Why aren't you paying attention?" ~~~~~BAM~~~~~frying pan hits the head and we get our notice to vacate our house.

It was truly a God thing that we even ended up in this house. We weren't supposed to be able to rent it. Someone had their application in on the house before us. Well, their application fell through and here we are. If we wouldn't have ended up in this house my husband wouldn't have ended up with the unit that he is with.(that's a story for another day) We wouldn't have met some great people if we wouldn't have lived in this house. I think we were meant to be here for a purpose and now we are meant to move on.

The house that we are buying is not one that we could normally afford. We even thought that we wouldn't get financing for this house. We still have 2 car payments. But God once again said "would you please leave the details to Me?" It is a huge house in the neighborhood that we said we wanted to live and it is in our price range. How about that for a great surprise today? How about the builder stepping up to the plate and giving us more than we asked for in our offer? That is truly a God thing.

God continues to surprise and amaze me. Although I am not sure why I am so surprised. He is God after all. God knew a few months ago that we would be moving. He knew where He wanted us to go all along. We just weren't looking in the right place.

To show you a great illustration of how frazzled I truly am and How wonderful God is I will close with this story.

Yesterday we put in an offer on our house. We went to the commissary for a few items and came home. When we came home I got out of the car, my hands were full of paper and trash. Well I threw it all in the trash and instructed the girls to empty the trash. I went on to making dinner and getting stuff finished. Today I couldn't find my cell phone. I called the commissary and they didn't have it. I tore the house apart. I couldn't find it. I even went to the commissary to see if they had it. Nope. No cell phone. I was going back over where I last used it and when I can remember having it. I remember taking it into the house with me. Into the house where I dumped my hands full of stuff into the trash. Using my daughter's cell phone, I called home and asked my husband to dig through yesterdays trash to see if he could find my cell phone. Wouldn't you know it, there it was! My husband cleaned it up and put it on the charger. It was dead so I couldn't even call it so I could find it. If I would have thought about the trash one day later it would have been to late. The trash would have been in the trash truck on the way to the landfill. Still don't think God has a sense of humor? I sure think He does. I think He laughs at me often and says something like "Oh you silly child, good thing I am steering this ship."

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