Sunday, May 31, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 13

Well, today was an ordinary day. I finally slept for once this week. I guess that could be a surprise. These blogs are running a day behing. SURPRISE. That's not really a surprise to me.

I didn't say surprise me God until late in the day today. I wasn't sure I could handle any more of the unknown showing up right in my face. But then again I guess it always does regardless of if I say surprise me God or not.

Our offer went in on the house. It isn't perfect. But what house is? Unless you custom build a house to meet your needs I don't think they are ever perfect. It has way more than enough space. I don't think I have enough furniture to fill it all. That's not a bad thing. I can surprise my husband. SURPRISE! We have new furniture. That would be a great thing.

I guess the biggest surprise I have is that I have peace about this situation. I an still anxious but maybe God is once again trying to teach me to be patient. Something I have struggled with my whole life. It seems like the further I stray from God the more impatient I become. Oh, now there is God talking to me. I didn't have that thought until just now. Maybe God was telling me I was straying a little and wanted me back on track. I am almost glad that He doesn't give us our whole life mapped out. Isn't it more fun to have a surprise now and then? Isn't it more fun to discover things then to have them told to you? I am having a blast with surprise me God. I am saying it more and more throughout the day.

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