Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 12

PHEW! I am not sure I have the patience required to purchase a home.

Yesterday we had made an amendment to our offer before our agent took it over to the listing agent. We wanted to make sure we were getting sod and a sprinkler system and stainless appliances. They are standard in that neighborhood. They weren't on the listing so we put the amendment in just to be sure.

Then we spent the day waiting. SURPRISE! I don't know what to do with myself. I actually even did yard work. Those that know me well know yard work is not something I like. Not because I am to good for it or can't do it, I simply do not like it. It's HARD work and then it's hot and you get even more covered in sweat. YUCK!

None the less we did yard work getting our rental house ready for when we can move out. We went to Lowe's and bought a few things. I really wish we would have known last weekend that we were moving. We could have taken advantage of the discount at Lowe's. Oh well.

Then as we were getting ready for baseball our realtor called. She said that the builder came back with an offer. Now, we realized they were going to come back with a counter. We dropped the price $3,000, asked for closing cost, fridge allowance and a fence. We were willing to leave off the fridge allowance and fence if he was close to our price.(of course the builder didn't know that)

I feel like we came to the table to play. We are pre-approved for the loan, we gave him 1% earnest money and the counter he came back with is not even in the same ballpark. He would accept the price and pay closing costs, give us $2500 for APPLIANCES, and there will be no sod, sprinkler system or fence. If we wanted those things he was going to charge us $3,000 a piece to put them in.

ARE YOU KIDDING? SURPRISE! How can you expect to sell a house in a brand new subdivision without sod. At least in the front yard. $2500 for all appliances, Um I can barely get a fridge for that.(stainless)

We have never bought a home and when we were writing up the offer the realtor said offer a price that in the end you would feel like you got a good deal but is also fair. If you offer to low some people get offended and don't want to work with that person then. I can understand that. We also want the builder to make money. Especially in the economy. We realize he supports local businesses with the supplies and contractors he has to hire. It's okay that he makes a profit. I just want a fair deal. 200K for a brand new house and you aren't going to give us grass. Come on lets be serious for a minute.

Then after the shock wore off, I had to laugh. I think God has a sense of humor. When did negotiating grass become such an issue? Really that is kind of funny.

After we thought about it we aren't sure we are going to counter. There is one other house we have yet to look at before we counter. It is actually closer to where we want to be and has more square footage.

God gave me a day full of surprises. Surprise, Yard work! Surprise, Tanner(our oldest son)got 2 runs for his baseball team. SURPRISE, What a silly offer. Surprise! Can you believe we are worrying about grass? SURPRISE, Here is a bigger house for the same money that you didn't even consider. SURPRISE, Through everything God truly has me in the palm of His hand. I think He laughs at me sometimes and says "oh you silly child."

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