Friday, May 29, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 11

Today was another unusual day. I guess that's only because we have been searching hard to find the right house.

We found a very unique house that isn't that old but it would take Ted an hour to drive to work. Not sure we are willing to commit to that commute.

Then we saw a house that is almost exactly like the house we have. SURPRISE! We decided if we have to move we would rather not have something exactly like we are currently in. Although the one we saw yesterday was in much better shape.

Then we went with our agent to look at some homes at her office. We had been thinking off and on about new construction. SURPRISE! We found a house. In a great neighborhood that has a club house and a community pool. It's even in our price range. We put in an offer last night. SURPRISE look at all the money it's going to take just to close on the house. We are waiting to see if our offer is accepted.

We had to take Parker to the DR for his med check up yesterday. SURPRISE! His hearing in the left ear isn't quite right. So we have to go back to the DR in a month to have it rechecked. Maybe that is why the child talks so loud.

Not really many surprises or things happened yesterday. It was a long and exhausting day with the two boys in tow. That made looking at houses a little harder. They wanted to run around and climb on everything. Boys will be boys I guess.

I am thankful that I have a daughter old enough to babysit the other children while we went and did the paperwork. Otherwise it might have been SURPRISE! You have no hair left.

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