Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 10

SURPRISE! You once again get this entry at the end of the day instead of at the beginning of the following day.

What a day it has been. I woke up with a headache. I'm sure it's because I haven't slept. Or at least felt like I haven't slept.

We did lots of driving around looking at neighborhoods today. We saw the inside of 10+ houses and only one maybe. That is frustrating. I saw this show called First Time Home buyers. I used to think the people were crazy for seeing 50+ houses before they finally put in an offer but now I think I will probably hit 50+ myself. One house we looked at today it was almost like SURPRISE! Here is your bedroom, only we thought it was supposed to be a closet so don't expect to fit a king size bed in here.

Then it was SURPRISE! We don't build houses for $200,000 that will fit 6 people comfortably.

SURPRISE! Here is a house that is almost perfect except it isn't in your school district and your husband will have to drive an hour each way to work.

I'm not sure today has been a good surprise day. Although I know not all things come from God so maybe the surprise was that He stopped anything negative that was coming. SURPRISEE! It wasn't really a bad day. Just plain old frustrating.

We looked at a house (and I am dead serious) on Yellowbrick Road and one on the corner of Pink and Purple Dr. Who thinks up these names? And if it is a job that pays can I have it? That would be a great surprise. I wonder if these builders hire people to only vacuum. If they did you know I would be all over that job. I could be the official vacuum and street namer lady. That would be my official title.

Tomorrow we have to look at houses in the morning so our bible study has been pushed back to 7 pm EST. If at all possible I am going to try and get it done tonight and post it for you to listen. Since the next few days will be full of surprises I'm not sure how much I'll actually be here. SURPRISE! That truly is a surprise to me. I am usually here working on things and trying to get stuff ironed out. Under normal circumstances I am not one to like surprises. If nothing else comes from this experiment, I believe that God hasn't forgotten me. Through the last 10 days I can honestly say that I don't feel like prayers are getting marked returned to sender. Although I am trying not to pray with requests. I am praying whatever you have for me today Lord. Maybe that is the difference. It's me not God. I'm sure that has to be it. It would be silly for me to think that God would change because of me, but surely I have changed because of Him.

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