Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 9

Well, today was nothing but full of surprises.

My husband went to bed crabby and he woke up in the same state. SURPRISE! I asked him to turn off the alarm clock and he got mad because I didn't want it beeping for the next 30 minutes while he decided to get up. While I laid in bed listening to my husband getting ready I prayed Surprise Me God. I may have even said surprise me big today. I'm not real sure on that last statement because I was still very sleepy but I am sure I must of said it considering the way the day went.

From there the day just got more interesting. We (the boys and I)did some school stuff and I started the never ending loads of laundry. My cell phone rang just before the show was to start. Which is a surprise itself. My cell phone usually doesn't ring when people know I'm home because it doesn't get good reception. On the other end was the rental agency for our house. I answered it because I figured it was about the toilet issue or we were do for inspection. SURPRISE! It was answer D. none of those. We were told we have about 45 days to find a new home because the owners want to move back in. Now mind you I was set to go on air with the radio show 5 miutes from this phone conversation. My heart was racing so fast I'm not sure I did any justice to the show. But I did manage to pull it off.

I tried to call my husband before the show started. I couldn't get him on the phone. No surprise there. After the show I tried to phone him again. Still nothing. So what is a girl to do? Call your best friend of course! We talked for a while and I decided I should try and call my husband again. Still no luck. I finally called into the main shop so they could find him. Shortly after lunch he called back. I said "You need to stop the rent allotment because we have to move." Him "Why do we have to do that?" Me "Because the owners want to move back in and they have given us 45 days to move." Him "I'll be right home."

I am grateful that he has a job that he can leave and they understand. They understand that he is much better off to take a couple days and get this problem squared away then to spend all day on the phone at work or only doing half of his job.

My husband comes home and he thinks we need to buy a house instead of rent. SURPRISE! More work for me. SURPRISE! The mortgage company was able to approve us in a short time yesterday. I used to work at a real estate office. Back in those days (15 yrs ago) it took 30 days or more to get approved for a home loan.

SURPRISE! All the houses in our area sell for about $40,000 more than we are willing to spend. We could get the financing but refuse to pay $1600-$1700 a month. Which means we have to decide one of two things.
1. Move to an area where the girls will have to change schools but we can have an almost new house about the same size we have now.


2. Continue to look in the school zone the girls need knowing we will have settle for something a little smaller and about 15 years old?

I'm not sure what the right answer is. No surprise there.

Today was full of surprises. I was to worn out last night to write about it. I got to the point where I didn't want to tell the story one more time. I was just tired of talking about it. Today instead of praying Surprise me big I said Lord could you surprise me with a great house? Then I said scratch that. Just surprise me. I don't care what it is. Just surprise me. I want to open all of the gifts you have for me today.

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