Monday, May 25, 2009

Surprise me God Day 8

Today isn't over yet but if I find any divine wisdom or surprises I will be sure to add them in.

I didn't do much today. We hung out at the house. Since it's Memorial Day we had a service to go to at my husband's unit. They always play Amazing Grace on the bag pipes at the Memorial Service. I cry. No surprise there. I am thankful for the person that invented waterproof mascara so I don't look like a raccoon by the time we leave.

I am sure the inventor of waterproof mascara must have been a women. A man wouldn't have thought that one out. Just like bras and pantyhose weren't a well thought out process.

I am getting way off topic. I tend to do that when I think to much. Or maybe it's to little.

Today is a day of remembrance. I am trying to be good about remembering those that serve and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I learned a few days ago that one of our scouts lost his dad in Iraq. The services will be this next week. If you happen to think about them over the next few days please pray for them.

Because of these great men and women I am able to blog about what I want, talk about what I want and do most of what I want. The next time you have a difference of opinion with someone make sure you remember that it's because of the service men and women that we have that freedom.

The radio show has almost doubled in listens since Thursday. That is a HUGE surprise.

The next few days/weeks will prove difficult for me. It's almost a year ago that I went home to be with my family. My grandma had decided to stop dialysis. We thought her battle wouldn't be long. In the end it was almost two weeks. She went home to be with the Lord and I was able to spend a few more days with her. That was a blessing. She was an amazing woman. If I seem a little out of sorts over the next few weeks that's why.

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