Monday, May 25, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 7

Today is beach day. I made sure to pack plenty of food and sunscreen. I was not going to let the sun get me this time. SURPRISE! It did. Only 30 minutes of sun exposure and I am burned. My face, chest and arms. I wasn't even in the water. I was simply watching the kids on the beach and collecting cool rocks/shells.

When the trend of the big floppy hat comes back you will know who started it. That would be me. I am going to search for a REALLY BIG one like Rachel had on an episode of Friends. That way I will be covered for sure.

The day was relaxing. I even took a nap in the lawn chair while the rest of my family played in the waves of the ocean. We stayed for about 5-6 hours. It was so peaceful. The kids kept themselves busy and didn't argue. SURPRISE! That was a nice treat. No arguing from the children is a true SURPRISE!

We packed up to come home and brought half of all the beach rocks and sand with us. No surprise there. I expected as much. I'm not sure what my children think they are doing with all these rocks and shells but if anyone notices a completely clear beach it's because all the rocks and shells are in my children's bedroom.

My husband didn't ask me to drive home. I didn't offer either. The nice part of him being home is that after a long day outing I get to nap in the passenger seat. I did just that.

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