Friday, June 12, 2009

Motivation Please!

Could someone send some motivation via email?

I have so much to do today and what am I doing? Sitting on the computer and talking to a friend on the phone. (not talking on the phone any more, did that earlier)

I need to mark stuff for the yard sale, clean out my son's dresser so we can move his loft bed downstairs, get all the clothes sorted and ready to go, etc. But I just don't really want to. I am doing everything but what I am supposed to.

My new blackberry was supposed to arrive this afternoon but now it isn't coming until Monday. UPS has a rescheduled delivery day on the tracking information. Not sure why it isn't coming until Monday. The tracking information said it's to be sent VIA Overnight delivery. It was mailed yesterday. UGH. It's probably God telling me to get to work and what I am supposed to do rather than allowing another distraction to enter my day.

Why is it the things I want to do I have no desire to do? The things that are sucking up my time are just that, time suckers. You turn around and hours are gone.

The boys are at the neighbors playing in the water. It's quiet and I am just enjoying sitting in the quiet on a nice summer day. But I better get moving before my husband comes home and sees that I haven't accomplished very much for the yard sale.

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