Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surprise me God...remind me what day we are on!

So I forget what day we are on with the faith experiment. I have gotten really good at saying surprise me God. Boy did I get a couple of surprises today. Not sure they were from God, but surprises none the less.

I went to therapy with Parker today. It's part of his A.D.D. treatment plan. We used to see his counselor once a week and now we are down to once a month. That is a huge blessing. SURPRISE! He was actually happy and excited when he talked to her. Usually he is all upset and grumpy.

Then we went shopping for paint. Colors, Colors every where! They all look so nice in the store and then you get them home and think to yourself "How did I ever end up with that color in the pile?" We decided to paint the bedrooms before we move in. That way we won't have to move furniture upstairs. Our downstairs is very open so painting won't require moving as much furniture.

I got home from shopping to find my husband here. SURPRISE! He worked until the wee hours of the morning, came home, slept and is now back at work. He will be working late today also. But when I came home he was on the phone working out our home owners insurance, called our broker and realtor today. SURPRISE!!!! WOOT WOOT! That is a huge surprise in my life. I usually have to remind, ask, remind, and NAG to get him on top of things. But today he took care of what needed to be done.

It's the last day of middle school for my oldest. How did she get to be this old already? Only a couple years and she will be driving. 1-1/2 years to be exact. YIKES. Once she starts to drive the insurance bill will be another great big SURPRISE!

Summer vacation has finally begun. No more alarm clocks in the morning, no more HURRY UP YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE, no more "HE WON'T LET ME SPIT!"(when they are brushing their teeth)

My laundry is saying SURPRISE! You forgot about me and now I have multiplied for you. You didn't even have to ask, I did it all by myself!

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