Sunday, June 28, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Just about all the boxes are packed. Cabinets are beginning to look bare. There are piles of stuff all over this house. It's like dodging speed bumps in a parking lot.

I can finally see the light at the end of this moving tunnel. I am excited and scared at the same time. I am so excited that we are moving to our own home. I can paint, hang pictures, change flooring and buy furniture that will actually fit the space and I won't have to worry about it being to big for the next house. I get excited at the possibilities of actually owning our own home. Then I get scared. Not because of the extra financial responsibilities but because we still aren't closed. The bank hasn't put it's stamp of approval on the whole process yet. Things are moving along and should be fine. I still worry that something will happen and we will have to find a different house.

Worry only takes my focus from God. I think that is the enemies plan. To take away my faith in God and that God will see us through this process. I am trying to worry less and have more faith. I told everyone last week that we would close on the house by the end of the week because God is bigger than paperwork. We didn't close. God is bigger than paperwork. We will move when it's the right time. God's time is perfect mine isn't. I still have a hard time with waiting. I don't like to wait. One of my favorite sayings is delay is not denial.

We really haven't been delayed much. This process has gone fairly smooth. It has also gone fairly fast. July 2nd will be 30 days from our accepted offer.

As I reflect on this process I am amazed to see how God has worked through this whole process. Every time I sit back and look at different situations I am amazed. We were never supposed to rent this house. But we did. Because we did my husband ended up at the unit he is with. He loves it there. I believe that God had us in his hand guiding us through the process. I can see how He is once again guiding us. I just have to worry less and have faith more. God will never forget me and never take a day off. Thank you Lord.

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