Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today is all about dad's. It's their day. I love my husband. I'm glad he has a day that is all for himself just like us moms. But there are only so many power tools, car parts and outdoor things this girl can handle. So on Father's Day I stick to making him whatever he wants to eat. I'll bake and cook just about anything.

I'm thankful that my dad is in my life. My parents divorced when I was young. My relationship with my dad has been rocky in the past. We went through a period of time where we didn't speak to each other. I think mostly because of me. But I am happy to report that for a few years that part of our past has been the past. We have a great relationship now.

The part of our military life that I am the most thankful for is moving me away from the town I grew up in. It helped to give me perspective on the situation with my dad. It helped me to see that no matter how many people were in my life I only have one dad.

When I was younger I took my dad for granted. He'd always be there. He'd always love me. I didn't care what he said or advice he had. Just shook my head and went on. Now I seek his advice. When we put in the offer to purchase our first home, he is the one I called with the "WHAT DO I DO NOW?"

I have also learned that sometimes the thoughts or feelings you have for someone else aren't your own. I'm glad that I have my dad in my life. I'm also happy to have my step mom. My step mom and I didn't have the best relationship either, but we do now.

I often sit in awe of God and the work He has done in my life. I have so many blessings. I have so many people in my life to be thankful for. I'm thankful that God has brought us through the trials and tribulations to the point we are at now.

I know when I go home they always have a place for me to stay. A place to go and unload all the junk I am carrying and instead of I told you so's or you should of, they offer a place of peace and rest. A home that has love and compassion, wine at night and popcorn on Sunday's. I like it there.

Dad, today I wish you everything you have given to me over the years. Ellie, I still hope you'll keep him in line!

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