Friday, May 22, 2009

Our new name

WOOT! We have decided on a new name. I ripped the band-aid off. I made a decision and good, bad or otherwise we are going with it.

What's the new name you ask? Well, you will have to wait a few more days. We will be announcing our new name on Tuesdays show. 10 am EST.

After our show on Tuesday the radio show name will change, our logo, our email, the blog web-site. Everything that says CMWTR will have the new call letters. I will of course tell you what they are on the show and post them on the web-site. For a few months if you type in it will still take you to the new site.

Thank you to everyone who offered ideas and suggestions and stayed sane with me while I shot down almost every idea that someone brought to me. I simply didn't want to change even though I felt God telling me it was okay to change.

Stay tuned and tune in on Tuesday! Great things are coming.

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