Monday, April 20, 2009


Why is it that we are conditioned to hate Mondays? We dread the day coming all weekend long. Is it because you have to go back to work? Get the kids up for school? I was dreading it yesterday. Dragging my feet not wanting it to come. But as I sit and write this with 5 loads of laundry on my office floor. (Not including the two that already in the machines) I think I am going to learn to love Mondays. The girls are off to school so I don't have as many children to chase. Ted goes back to work so I don't have him underfoot. I have MY routine back. On the weekend that gets all jumbled up and out of whack. I like spending time with my husband and kids without a schedule but I am also a creature of habit. I like having my routine. It's also much quieter around here with 3 less people. Quiet is something I think we don't have enough of these days.

So this Monday morning instead of dread it or fight with it like a red-headed step-child embrace it. Embrace the start of a day that is brand new and not yet mapped out. Embrace that God loves you and you are here to share your life for one more day.

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