Sunday, February 22, 2009

Speaking of God

At church last week our pastor was talking about how we can't be back seat Christians any more. How that our country is in the state it's in because the church(and people that belong to it)have chosen to take a back seat. I agree with that. I think that most people are all about freedom of speech unless it involves a Christian sharing about God. Or simply mentioning the word God in an conversation. All of a sudden someone is offended and preaching to the high heavens that they shouldn't have to listen to it. Or their child shouldn't have to be subjected to it. There are many things that I feel I shouldn't have to listen to or be subjected to but their first amendment right is in full swing. They will be quick to tell you that it is there right. But as Christians we take a back seat and close our mouths and walk away not wanting to offend anyone. When did things get like this? How is that okay?
This topic comes about because I was an active blogger on another site and posted a couple of the things that I posted on this blog. I was asked by the blog owner to tone down the reglious aspects of my posts or better yet not blog about it at all and stick to military related things. Stating that she and the co-owner are Christians but they chose to remain neutral so everyone will feel welcome. I do agree it is her blog and she can post what she choses but as a Christian I have a problem with her comments. How can you, as a christian, ask someone to be quiet about their faith? It's just another example of what our pastor was talking about. We don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I have learned many things in life and one of them is this, if you are comfortable you are not growing or experiences anything. What a better gift to experience than the gift of a relationship with our God. Our great big God who is able to anything.

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