Sunday, February 22, 2009

On fire for God

It's amazing to watch your child worship God. It's a blessing that I find to be the greatest gift. When they are young they worship God in their own way without worrying about what they look like or who is watching them.
Yesterday at Winter Jam, I saw something in Tanner that I hadn't seen before. He rocked out for God. Now, I think Toby Mack helped that process, but to watch him sing and dance and raise his hands in praise, I saw something great in him. I thought my gosh, he is going to be the pastor that his dad is refusing to be. Okay, maybe refusing is a strong word, how about putting off?
I find it such a blessing when God humbles your children and you know they are connecting to God and you get to witness it.
I have seen it from time to time in all of my kids. But last night I saw it mostly in Tanner. Miranda had her moments too. Once when I looked over at the girls, she had her eyes closed and she was singing away to God.
There are times as a parent when I want to take the credit and say we must be doing something right. But truth is we are just being obedient to God. It's God who gets the glory. He is the one who has touched their hearts. He is the one who is in constant communication with them. We as parents are just stewards of our children. God expects us to guide them in the right direction. When we do we get to see the results.
I have gone through many seasons with my walk with God. It's when I humble myself before God, on a continual basis that I am rewarded daily.

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