Friday, February 20, 2009

Obedient Blessing

Every time I follow the direction God leads me I am blessed. I am amazed at how I am blessed.
A few weeks ago I was struggling with the decision to homeschool our oldest son, Tanner. We have been homeschooling for about a month now. A couple weeks ago I started to struggle with the decision to homeschool Parker. (our youngest)After getting no where with the school and the teacher having me on speed dial for situations she really could control and handle, but chose not to, I decided Wednesday was his last day at public school.
The last two days have been the most rewarding and challenging days with my boys. Homeschooling presents a whole new set of things to get done. One of them being lesson plans. I did purchase the A Beka Book curriculum and have the lesson plan books, but being this far into the school year I am trying to figure out what they know and what I need to actually teach them that they didn't get in school.
The biggest blessing today was with Tanner. Both boys struggle with basic addition facts. I think it's a tool that the schools are not teaching the kids effectively. So for the last few weeks we have spent memorizing addition facts. Today he finished all 100 problems in 4 minutes 30 seconds. The look on his face when he said I'm finished and the timer hadn't gone off yet was priceless. He was so excited for the rest of the day. He did 71 subtraction problems in 5 minutes. A month ago he didn't even come close.
Parker today worked harder than yesterday. Math and reading are the two subjects that we are going to focus on the most right now. I feel it's where they need the most work. We are sprinkling in some language, history, science and health where we can.
If ever you question why you need to follow God's lead or what purpose it has(just as I did/do)just take the plunge and follow his promting. Blessings are sure to follow.

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