Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The decision

Well, the decision is made that I will also home school Parker. It came down to the lesser of two evils. If we left him at the school he is at we would have to fight the behavioral issues and having him not understand basic concepts. If we bring him home that means I will have less time to spend with Tanner and it will also mean that I will have to figure out the balance. In the end I simply do not want to go backwards on the progress that we have made with Parker. He had some major behavioral issues that we worked hard to correct. Most people wouldn't consider them major but we did. He is a good kid and will work hard. We don't want to loose that in him. All of the negative attention that he was/is getting was sending us backwards with his attitude. With Ted coming and going like he does, I don't want to go through that with Parker again.
I pray that God gives me strength to get through the process with both boys. I think that they will want to kill each other on more than one occasion, but God will see us through.
On a different note. I work from home and have had issues being able to log in to work. For whatever reason they can't seem to get it fixed. I talked with Ted last night (or maybe the night before) and said that I am actually enjoying not having to worry about logging in and working. He said that he wished I didn't work. That if I want to it is fine but he would prefer that I didn't. What a blessing is that? Truth is I don't have to work. Unless we put the boys in private school. There is no way I could simply stay home with a $800 a month tuition bill. But for now I truly don't have to. That removes part of the stress from my daily chaos. God is already making sure we have what we need to succeed.

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