Monday, February 9, 2009

Homeschooling Strength

A year ago if you would have told me that I would be homeschooling my 9 year old I would have looked at you like an alien and asked that you seek medical attention. Now I have been homeschooling Tanner for about a month or so and I am considering taking on my 7 year old as well. The hard part is I don't know where the balance will come. I don't know if I have the strength to handle both boys. When I tell God that I can catch him up this summer or I can work on the stuff that the school is missing something else happens that makes me want to move him from public school to homeschooling.
Today the teacher called to tell me that Parker was sitting in class not doing his work. He wasn't disruptive or hurting anyone, he simply was not doing anything that the teacher directed him to do. My response was what I am supposed to do from here? Maybe that wasn't the right response. Maybe I should have been more open. But seriously. She was there in the classroom with him and I was at home. What did she expect me to do? I asked her if I needed to come and get him and she replied no BUT he does need to follow directions. I agree that he needs to follow directions.
I asked the teachers if she had called down to the school counselor and see if she is available to talk to him. The teacher replied that it was a VERY good idea. Like the thought had never crossed her mind. HELLO these are resources right in your own building and you didn't think to use them?
Flash forward to the counselor calling me to parapharse what the teacher and I talked about and to tell me that Parker won't talk to her. He just sits there with his head down. I again asked if I needed to come and get him. The reply I got was no.
The problem I have is this. If it is such a problem that you have to call me and tell me about it then take the advise that I give you. You have a very intelligent 7 year old in your room and he has learned how to manipulate your system. He is bored with your work. You don't challenge him. School has gotten away from the kids learning. They (most public schools) teach the test and teach their students how to test well. I worked in the public school system. In the end it's number and money. It's frustrating as a parent. Especially as a parent to a child who has A.D.D. A mild case but A.D.D. none-the-less. We have worked hard in therapy to avoid melt downs and create a smart productive child.
I know I have blogged about this before but this in our daily lives right now. I can't help but think that I am not the only one.
Our decision comes down to this. Leave Parker where he is and undo all of the behavioral issues that it is creating(and that we have worked so hard to curb) or bring him home to homeschool and chance the chaos that it could cause to Tanner and his much needed help to catch up on subjects that he is behind in.
Truth is, I have my answer. God has shown me for awhile that I need to bring Parker home with Tanner and I. I am not sure that I am capable of doing it. I'm not sure I am capable of teaching Tanner while handeling a meltdown from Parker. I'm not sure I have enough grace, strength or patients to do it. Every time I say no to God something else happens with Parker. I want to be obedient and do what I think God is asking but I'm not sure I can. How do you just take the leap of faith while still being scared to death?

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