Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unglued Week 1

Feelings should be indicators, not dictators. WOW. Every time I read that I realize how much power I was allowing my feelings to have over I act. There have been many mommy moments when I sat back and thought I could have handled that better. Or I would wonder what is wrong with me that I can't get my emotions in check.

In the first day of individual study I love how Lysa writes "She doesn't change in order to receive Jesus' approval; she changes as a response to His love." After I read that I sat wondering how many times I have offered to change or thought of changing something about myself because I was seeking approval of someone else.

I also wondered how many times you have done the same thing. How many times did you beat yourself up over something you said or did? How many times did you wake up and say today is the day of change? How many times did you go to bed feeling like a failure?

I can say I have beat myself up thousands of times, offered to change many times, and more often than not go to bed feeling like a failure in one way or another.

My goal throughout this study is to remember that change is a journey not a destination. Change happens gradually and I will not be perfect but I will make progress. Another goal I have is to react from a place of love and not from a place of anger, frustration, hurt, or any other emotion I am feeling at the moment.

So, share with me, what are your goals for this study?

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