Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Down Sizing

When I hear the word down sizing I am used to thinking of negative things. Whether it's layoffs or selling a home, I tend to see it as a bad thing.

Today I felt completely overwhelmed. I'm not sure why. The radio show went well, the boys school work went rather quickly, I have assessed why I think Tanner is having problems and have a process to help correct it, got the kids to practice, my husband is home.........Basically a good day. But I couldn't shake this feeling. I do have a lot on my plate but don't we all these days?

One of the jobs I currently have is Child Care Coordinator for my husbands unit. When there is an event that we provide care for, I organize the sitters and the RSVP's for care. In the next two weeks we have 4 different events that I have to be at the unit for.

Tonight as I had a girlfriends children at their soccer practice, I realized that my husband just came home and I have NO down time with him. I am still running like a mad woman.

I have made the executive decision to down size my work load. What a great idea! If I have something on my plate that will not matter that I did it or someone else did it AND I don't enjoy it, I am getting rid of it! I will no longer be the child care coordinator. I used to enjoy doing it. Now I grit my teeth every time I think about it. God had a reason and a season for me to do that job. I think that season has passed.

It's hard to say you can't or won't do a job that you signed up for. But if it makes you miserable why do it?

So tonight I am down sizing things. Anything I can get my hands on. What are you willing to let go of?


  1. I have such a hard time letting go. I keep piling on instead.

    Especially when it comes to God's work. I say "yes" too often, and I spread myself too thin.

    It's a pleasure to meet you here. Thank you for dropping by Getting Down With Jesus. I dropped by to wave "hello" and hear how God is working in your life. I look forward to hearing more.

  2. I agree that childcare is a huge need and a huge commitment! I have had to find a balance in being a blessing on the young mothers around me and still following my own ministry goals. It wasn't easy, but I had to flat out say, 'no' when I was asked to help with childcare on Sunday mornings. I keep thinking about it, but I am sure it was the right decision at this time.