Friday, May 15, 2009

Top Name Choices

Christian Sisterhood of the Military Spouse

Connecting Military Wives Together Radio

Spiritual military Wives Talk Radio

Military Wives Spiritual Talk Radio

Military Wives Faithful Talk Radio

Military Wives Faith Radio

Military Wives Christian Talk Radio

C.H.A.O.S. Military Wives Talk Radio(Christian's hearing and obeying savior)

C.A.M.O Military Wives Talk Radio (Christ's Army Moving Forward)

F.R.A.Z.L.E.D. Military Wives Talk Radio (faithful redeemer always zen leading empowering disciples-that was just on the fly made up, we can come up with a different meaning for frazled-misspelled on purpose)

I really like our CMWTR call letters. If we could find something to stay with those that would be ideal.(without using Christian Military Wives as the first three words)
CMWTR was really designed for military wives. I know there are male spouses that are left behind and deal with the same issues that wives do. Since I don't have the male experience to draw from I feel like we need to keep it for the military wife.

After thinking and stressing and thinking and coming up with idea after idea. Some better than others. I think I am just making it harder than it needs to be. I think I am over thinking it.

Doing some research we can't use Military Wives network. No matter what we put in front of it. So we would stay Military Wives Talk Radio. We could simple be Military Wives Talk radio but that doesn't describe our Christian Roots.

The list above is what we have come up with over the past few days. If you can think of anything else please let me know.

Any other ideas let me know! Or cast your vote!


  1. I like the name you currently have and don't care for any of your top selections for a variety of reasons. Either too much of a mouthful, they leave out all spouses and therefor don't support your Mission, or may be confusing to those that come across your URL only.

    I would consider changing your name to make it Spouse instead of Wife inclusive to support your Mission.

    I think your current name does the best job of describing that you are Christian, Military, and support Wives, and the Talk Radio... consider your name change to have the Spouse in there and you will reach a larger demographic.

    God Bless,
    Old Glory Soldiers

  2. What about ...

    Christian Military Family Talk Radio

    Christian Military Spouse Talk Radio

  3. We have to change the name because we can't use the phrase Christian Military Wives. That is the only reason we are changing our name. We were set up and designed for the military wife. I know that there are male spouses as well and I think they need an outreach but I don't feel like that is my calling.

    The choices that are listed are not our final choices. I actually think we have a new title on the way. It's still a work in progress.

    I do appreciate all your thoughts and all your ideas. They do help me in the process.

  4. These aren't the same names I commented one yesterday about not really liking first of all.

    I have a MBA, and one of the key components of my degree was Advertising and Marketing. I am just afraid by your name alone, that there will be new traffic that you may lose based on the name that you choose; i.e. CHAOS or FRAZLED, even if they are acronyms.

    I do like the one below. The others, I think that you will be doing backwards marketing. I mean that you will be taking your product and finding the market for it, instead of finding your perfect name and drawing your market to it.

    Spiritual Military Wives Talk Radio

    We are met with a unique set of trials as Christians and Military Wives, that the perfect name could speak to. It is most effective when short, catchy, and to the point.

    I mention specifically the spouses versus wives, because there are a lot of men that are spouses that feel left out. I have been asked numerous times to make items geared towards the husband or spouse, by the spouse or the service member.

    From a business standpoint, you should consider changing your mission to Wives. The current mission may add confusion for those male spouses looking for the support they need.

    I hope this helps you some more with your decision. Please feel free to contact me anytime, by contacting me through my blogger or twitter.

    God Bless,
    Old Glory Soldiers