Monday, May 18, 2009

God's Work

It is so good to have my husband home. With so many TDY trips and so much in and out it's hard to adjust to him being here and him not being here. Although I am beginning to function much better when he's gone. I adjust quicker when he leaves then when he comes home.

This past week has been a bumpy one, many changes and exciting possibilities. The biggest change is out name. I was sure I had a new name picked out and then changed it several times. Or I got feedback that it didn't sound right or just wasn't liked. So the name is still up for grabs. I will admit that I am liking Frazled Military Wives Talk Radio more and more.(frazled misspelled on purpose) But I am waiting on God. I know He will lead us to the right one.

The next exciting thing is that I spoke with Sara Horn this week. She is the founder of Wives of Faith. Wives of Faith has the same overall goal as CMWTR. We have started things in different areas. After speaking with Sara this past week, we have decided that working together makes sense. We aren't quite sure what that looks like and aren't really sure what to do next. But God does. God knows where we are supposed to go and what we are supposed to do. Pray for us over the next few weeks. I think you will see big things coming together.

Ted and I were talking about CMWTR and Wives of Faith this weekend. I said to him " Be prepared for a bumpy ride. I think big things are coming and you need to be involved. Not just the husband of a ministry leader." Well, that started a whole new conversation. Anyone that knows us well knows that Ted was set to go to seminary twice. Then he didn't go. During our conversation he made this statement to me "I was ready to pick up everything and follow God. I don't think you were ready." OUCH! That hit home. He didn't mean it to hurt my feelings but he was right. I'm still not ready to be the pastors wife. Maybe God was showing Ted the work that he will be doing. Maybe there were seeds being planted this whole time that I never realized.

Six months ago if you would have told me I was going to be doing women's ministry I would have said I DON'T THINK SO! Pick someone else Lord. I am not qualified. But God truly does qualify the called. I learn something new every time I seek His guidance.

I prayed for guidance on our name change. The Lord showed me that it would be okay to change our name. I am fighting it. I am the one that doesn't want the change. I am trying so hard to hang onto CMWTR. Even just the letters. We can change the words but keep the letters. I am trying hard to hang onto it. I don't think that's God's plan. I think we are supposed to just simply change our name.

We get in the way from time to time. We hear God, say okay Lord I'll do that, then step in the way of the work. We either try to change God's plan or try to manipulate it to fit our plans or desires. NEWS FLASH! If we would simply get out of the way and follow the Lord without conditions we could save some of our sanity for the next day. I get in the way ALL THE TIME! I'm not sure when I will ever learn that lesson. It's something that I am working on.

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