Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surprise Me God Day 2

Well, actually this is day three. I was to tired to write last night.

Yesterday was interesting. We are trying life with limited T.V. No television on when the kids are home and awake. We tape everything we want to watch anyway.(I guess that might show my age a little. I think the correct term is DVR not taped)

Yesterday afternoon I went and registered the boys for private school. I had this overwhelming feeling on the way home. I felt that I needed to register my oldest daughter for the private school also. I'm not sure if that was my feeling or God prompting me. I'm still praying for direction on that. Maybe the surprise was that He was giving me direction the whole time and I didn't follow. Wait. That wouldn't be a surprise. He's probably used to me doing that.

I only saw my husband for a few minutes yesterday. That's not a surprise either. Some days are like that at our house.

Last night when I sat and reflected on the day, I was in awe. Not because I was "surprised" a whole bunch but because I was really given confirmation. Confirmation that CMWTR is going in the right direction, that my family is right where we are supposed to be. My soul felt full. It felt light like it would fly away. I love those days. Days where nothing significant really happened but you connected with God and you realized it.

Today is a whole different story. But it's not over yet. I'll write about all my today adventures with God later.

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