Friday, May 8, 2009

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Today is military spouse appreciation day. How do you like to be appreciated? Does it make you uncomfortable for someone to show their appreciation? I get uncomfortable with it at times. If someone shows you that they care about you, thank you, or offers you a service today accept it with a grateful heart. Some people aren't designed to serve the way our spouses do. They serve in other ways. By showing you how grateful they are you are allowing them to say thank you. Thank you for serving with your husband.

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you today. Some of you have your husbands here and some don't. Some of you are looking forward to reunions and some of you just started your journey. Without you, the hardheaded woman on the home front, your husbands journey would seem less like a journey and more like a job. Thank you for serving with your husband. Thank you for keeping the home fires burning. Thank you for getting the kids to every event under the sun and realizing at the end of the day you have to do it all again tomorrow. But you get up and do it again. Because that is what we do. We do it for the love of our family, for the love of our husbands, for the love of our country.

Over the past year or so I felt like God has slapped me on the head and shown me that we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Everyone that stands up in support or opposition of something can do so because our husbands(&wives) stand up and make sure that we can. They stand up in the face of evil and say not on my watch you don't. Not on my watch will you harm our great country or any person in it. Whether they agree with what they are taking about or not. You will not harm them. It takes a great warrior to do that. It takes an even greater one to send their warrior off to war knowing what the outcome may not be what you hoped for. But we don't think about that often. We remember the good things. The things that make us smile and bring us comfort. I think that is God's way of easing the pain of separation.

Thank you for being a warrior. Thank you for being a strong military spouse.

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