Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adjusting to TDY

I used to think I was getting used to my husband coming and going all the time. I used to think I am an old pro at it. I used to think things will be easier with him coming and going. Boy was I wrong.
Do you ever think you are doing good or think you have something conquered only to find out you don't? This happens to me, sometimes on a daily basis.

My husband left for the latest round of TDY's today. He will only be a few states away. It's not like he's even going far. But it still throws our family out of whack. We get out of cycle when he comes home and then when he leaves again.

He came home late Friday. Was here Saturday and Sunday. Worked late Monday and now is gone again. I told him that sometimes I feel like we are the service station. Get the laundry done, some good food, some fooling around and he tips his hat and hits the road. I have to laugh at that. It even sounds funny to me. I bet it would make a good movie.

Today the kids are out of sorts. I guess the good thing about homeschooling is that the boys and I can go at our own pace. They have only managed to get a little computer work done today. Parker is off the charts wild. Not sure what to do with him. Benedryl anyone?(just kidding)

I didn't realize how much it effects me when he comes and goes. I feel like I lost something. Not really upset or mad just lost. Like a puppy looking for his mom. Over time I know we will find out rhythm and adjust just as quickly as he comes and goes but for now we are trying to find our way through it.

So if I seem to be having an off day from time to time just smile and pray for me. It just means we are in the latest of TDY trips.

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