Thursday, May 14, 2009

Give Control to God

What a day! Isn't if funny how things work out? Yesterday I was stressed about changing our name. I was fearful that it would change who we are. I sought guidance from our resident pastor and didn't care for the guidance I got. He said CHANGE THE NAME! Okay, not yelling at me, but I felt like God was screaming at me, again. Like a parent does when the child has been told to do something several times and doesn't listen. Bro. Brandt offered a fresh perspective. One from the outside. Not that he is really an outsider, but he isn't in the middle of the situation.

I went to bed last night and prayed this "Lord, I have put it out there for a name change, could you please have some Ah HA moment for me tomorrow? Could you please have our name all picked out and slap me with it so I can move forward?"

Well, the name is still unclear. The Ah Ha moment came when I was in the shower. Our name is just that, a name. Nothing more and nothing less. In the end it is a minor inconvenience. Truth is, I am trying to do God's work and have a ministry that He designed. So in the end why would the name matter. The work won't change. The outcome won't change. Why should I be all worked up about it? The reason is simple. I couldn't control it.

In our military lives we have so many uncertainties. So many what ifs and changes to our routines, some at a moments notice, that we try to control every little detail that we can. When in reality God wants you to let Him take the lead. God wants you to release the control and give it to Him. He will lead you where you need to go. He will guide your path. Will it always be easy? No. But that doesn't mean He has forgotten us or stopped caring. He still has you in the palm of His hand guiding your path. Will you follow Him or do you still want to lead your way? I am going to try and get out of my own way and let God take the lead.

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