Thursday, April 9, 2009

So many things

It feels like forever since I have written anything other than a Love Dare or about the CMWTR adventures.

So many things are happening in our lives I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster ride and I need a harness to wear instead of just a seatbelt.

This past week I registered my oldest daughter for high school. YIKES! I have no idea how that happened. Just that thought brings tears to my eyes. When I look at her I see her as a goofy 10 year old girl not a child that we are prepping for college.

Before I know it all the children will be gone. I look forward to the day where it is just Ted and I and we have time to do things together without the kids. But I can't imagine my life without 4 kids screaming at each other or laughing so loud you can't think straight or sticking up for each other when the neighborhood kids decide to gang up on one of them.

So that started off the week rocky. I was a nut case to say the least. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me until my trusted friend pointed out that maybe I was having a hard time with Mackenzie going to high school. Yep, hit that nail right on the head. Not to mention I have issues with the structure of the high school. But that is a whole different topic for a different day and post.

Then my loving husband tells me that he will be gone part of every month from now until the time he deploys later this year. WHAT? How did that happen? What happened to being here with us for the summer? You were deployed last summer and now I have to be without you again! I had an I hate the Army moment. Truth is I love our life, I just hate the inconviences that it creates from time to time.

I have found a great online program for the boys to do part of their homeschooling. it has really helped ease some of the pressure off of me. It's hard to plan lessons for 2 different children at 2 different levels of work. I envy the women that can do it for 4 or 6 or 10 or God Bless the Duggars 18. I think I would be insane. Or an alcoholic.:) The part about homeschooling that I am having a hard time with is the turning it off part. I am forever thinking about it. About what the boys have done, havnen't done, what we need to do, should do, could do if we had time. The list goes on. If we don't happen to get as much accomplished in a day as I think we should then I feel like I am cheating them out of the education they deserve. But I know they are better for not still being in the school they were at. I feel a future show coming about schooling. I have 2 kids in public school, 2 home schooled and we have done private school and are considering it again for next year.

Next week we head to D.C. for a couple days. It will be so nice to get out of town for awhile. I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms. I like not having a schedule and being able to do whatever we want. That's a nice treat.

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