Thursday, March 19, 2009

Praise The Lord

Well, I have many blessings today. Despite my children driving me up the wall today.
Last night my husband was on my computer. Which irritated me because I was trying to get cleaned up and find a missing baseball glove. But I asked him what he was doing. Come to find out-he is going to quit smoking and was researching one of the drugs that the DR's at work told him about. Plus he decided to start the process while he goes TDY this next time so that he will have two almost three weeks in before the kids and I see him again. PRAISE THE LORD! He did quit one other time, came back from TDY and had started to smoke again.

He also came home to tell me that a guy he works with just put tires on his truck. The tires he had on his truck are almost brand new but because he is moving to Nebraska he wanted to have different tires on his truck. They are the exact same size as the tires on my suburban. So he gave us the tires. Which saves us from having to purchase tires right now. YEAH!!!!

There are many blessings each day. Make sure that you are looking for them. People that don't have faith call it luck. I call it obedient blessings.

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