Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am guilty. Guilty of going to church today with the motivation that I will have a few hours of just me sitting there without kids screaming at me. Or me screaming at them.
I felt guilty all the way to church. Almost like I wasn't worthy of going because I wasn't in the right mind set. But God had other plans. OF COURSE HE DID!! After we sang(and let me tell you our church gets its praise on)we shake hands. Well today every lady that I saw hugged me and said may God bless you. It almost brought tears to my eyes. God knew that I needed a hug after yesterday and he brought me to church for it.
Now our pastor preached about the gift of speaking in tongues. A gift I don't totally understand. I still don't think I do. But he brought up some things that I wrote down. After I scrambled to find paper. Of course, as I type this I can't remember them, but that is why I wrote them down.
I know that the kids were glad to be at church. They always come out smiling. I was glad to be there after all.

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