Friday, March 27, 2009

God took away the jealousy

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Just the other day I blogged about being jealous of my husband. Jealous because he got to have an adventure and I didn't. Well, tomorrow is his birthday. Yesterday I started thinking that I would pack up the kids and make the 10 hour drive to Florida to see him. The girls have off of school on Monday and I home school he boys, so school is where we are. Then I talked myself out of it. The boys have baseball and scouts and I am the advancement committe chair for the pack so I have to have the awards there. BUT God had other plans. I kept feeling the nudge to go. I kept saying no. Not only do we have activites with the kids this weekend but we are trying to save money for the trip to D.C. that we are taking over spring break. WELL, Long story short. I am in Florida with the kids. We got to have an adventure. God heard me and knew I needed this. I think my husband was pretty surprised to hear that I was coming. His birthday would have been the only one this year that we wouldn't have been together for. WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! Delay is not denial! God heard me. He didn't forget me. He placed me here for 2.5 days with my husband. 2.5 days is better than 0 days.

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