Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deployment Girlfriends

You never know when you'll need them. You never know where you will find them. Some of them stay with you for a season and some for a lifetime.
I found mine at the PTO. There was a crazy PTO president that was definitely in need of meds. Or so we thought. Now that we look back on it I think that God had his hand in that mess all along. Right after our husbands deployed we got crazed PTO woman. That made us bond faster than normal. We ended up having BBQ's at each others house on a regular basis. There were 4 us that felt we weren't the crazed PTO people. Between us we had 10 kids.
You never know when you will need those girlfriends. With a deployed spouse and without. Like when you run out of gas a few blocks from the gas station after VBS and you call your girlfriend to bring you her gas can for the lawn mower so you can get gas. Of course she brings it to you even though her child said that lawn mower gas won't work in my car.
Or when your friend's husband calls you for bail money for her. Yep, it' happened. And of course we sent the money.
We are there for each other. No matter the cost. These are our battle buddies. Our husbands have then while they are deployed and we have them here at home.

Keep your eyes open ladies! You never know where your next battle buddy will come from.

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