Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy Life

I have often have many thoughts just running through my head during the day. Normal mom/wife thoughts. Then I also have the thoughts that some military wife could benefit from the knowledge that I have of navigating through military life for the past 12 years. So let me start from the beginning.

My husband I met 12 years ago. We have 4 children. Two girls(14 and 11) and two boyr(9 and 7). Life is crazy. I like the line from John and Kate plus 8. It might be a crazy life but it's our life. That's how I feel.

We have a blessed life. Our family is together(when my husband isn't deployed) and we are all healthy. We have enough for everyday.

Our oldest daughter is in 8th grade. She has applied to early college for next year. Which basically means that she will be dual enrolled in high school and college.

Our youngest daughter is in 6th grade. She has huge potential. Everything comes very easy to her.

Our oldest son is being homeschooled this year. Well, the second half of this year. Public school was not serving him well. He came home everyday defeated and ready to quit. He broke his arm about 18 months ago and when he retaught himself to write incorrectly. So we are also struggling with trying to correct the bad habits that he has created.

Our youngest son is much like our youngest daughter. Except a sped up version. He is always in top gear. Things come easy to him. He has a mild case of A.D.D. that we struggle with from day to day. Some days are good and some I want to sell him. :)

My husband is with a special ops unit. The short of it means that he is never home. He is either deployed or training. The joke at our house is that I get to see his butt going out the door.

I think the main reason for this blog is a way for me to journal but also maybe connect and help some other military wives that are in the same boat that I am.

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